Knoxville Roofing Company Shortage

In 2011, Knoxville’s local residential and surrounding areas area saw major storms with strong winds that left nearly everyone in need of an emergency roof repair. Insurance claims were at an all-time high. The East Tennessee natural disaster meant a shortage on local roofers in the Knoxville area. Most families had to file an insurance claim with their insurance company due to a damaged roof. There were no roofing options available for many families in the Knoxville TN area. An emergency roof repair is no joke especially when there is a shortage of professional roofers providing quality services in the Knox County area.

When you’re working with a roofing contractor, I am sure you would like to do it just once, right? Roofing is not a job you want to do twice since the task can easily consume a lot of your time and your hard-earned money…

If you don’t do it right, you’ll have to pay the roofing crew more to fix it not to mention the increased cost of maintenance services. This is one of the most expensive projects you’ll ever do! I’m sure we can all agree that as a homeowner you need to do everything in your power to make sure you get a seasoned roofer on the first time around. Avoid costly repairs.

Research Roofing Companies in Knoxville TN

You can accomplish this best by doing your due diligence during the contractor research and free roof inspection process.

We want to make the study as well as estimate process as easy for you as possible, because changing your roof the wrong way only once will be expensive. In this case, you’d have to re-roof your house a couple years after you originally hired the contractor due to preventable mistakes the roofing contractor made: big money only a few years later. Especially since the figures above don’t include the cost or roof prices of actual damages that lead to needing a second roof.

You can avoid these headaches by preparing for your first roof estimate in advance. Sounds simple, but there’s a major step homeowners often skip. Most people are more concerned about just how much your roof is going to cost — the estimate itself — than they are about whether the roofer will install your roof the right way and according to manufacturer guidelines. This includes not only ridge vent installation but also materials such as artificial underlayment. You might need a different kind of roof ventilation system depending on the shape of your roof.

It can be confusing to deal with roofers, so we have compiled this summary of what to ask roofing companies on the phone to allow you to not just pick the right roofing company, but also save time in the process. Doing your due diligence will filter out the companies that don’t care about your home or want to sell you equipment they don’t need.

We have broken down what you need to ask when you’re speaking with a prospective contractor. To save time and end unnecessary confusion, remember these seven questions.

6 SECRET Questions to Hiring the Best Residential Roofing Companies in Knoxville TN

1. Should I hire a contractor or a roofing company?

2. What are their work ethics? (Do they show up on time, do they finish on schedule, and do they clean up after themselves?)

3. How many years of experience do they have?

4. Do they use the same manufacturer’s products as I do?

5.What is the life expectancy of my roof?

6. What does my final price include?

1. Should I hire a roofing contractor or a roofing company in Knoxville?

This is a pretty simple question, and some people haven’t thought of it. Of course, you need to hire a contractor to replace your roof, but is the contractor you’re hiring a roofing company or just another company looking to make money off you? This is important because you’ll want the right contractor for the roofing job and not someone who’s just trying to get your money. Otherwise, you aren’t getting the best value for your roofing needs because you are stuck paying a finder’s fee to a company that is not experienced in roof replacement. To find a roofing crew that will do an excellent job at an affordable price, you need to consider all available options.

2. What type of work ethic does the project manager demonstrate? (Do they show up on time, do they finish on schedule, and do they clean up after themselves?)

It goes without saying what kind of work ethic you want in your new roofer. A company that can’t even show up on time for the free estimates won’t be able to finish your entire roof in a timely manner either with quality work

If you’re looking for a roofer, ask if they are Knoxville, TN locals, have local offices, or are at least from the Eastern Tennessee area. The best roofers in the roofing industry won’t be from outside your TN area. Whether it’s water damage, roof leaks from a leaky roof, or just general roof damage, it’s wise to make your first call to a team of experts who will do a wonderful job handling your roofing issues. Like 2011, when mother nature strikes again, go ahead, and call today and secure the best solution (local roofing work) with a high-performance roofing system and keep them at the top of your list.

It’s also worth asking if they have a “Claims Free Guarantee” because that means you can speak to other homeowners who’ve used them before and get an idea of whether the company does a great job and has satisfied customers.

3. How many years of roofing repair experience do they have?

If you don’t want to deal with an inexperienced contractor, find a company with a lot of experience. Ask how long the company has been in business, what kind of products its used and who’s been the past customers.

Some companies with a larger staff have many people working together to replace roofs at the same time because they have enough workers on hand. This can make it difficult for other contractors to get work in their area because they run out of their own time.

4. Do they use the same manufacturer’s products as I do?

This is important because if the contractor you’re hiring doesn’t use the same materials to replace your roof as you do, it can cause unnecessary problems. For example, if you had a missing shingle and replace it with another type of shingle that was not made for your roof, it can come loose and be dangerous for you or your next-door-neighbor’s family.

It’s also important to use the same type of material on your new roof so that it’ll be pointed in the correct direction when it’s installed. (If this isn’t explained in the specification sheet when you ordered your original estimate, ask!)

5. What is the life expectancy of my roof?

This is important because it should be part of the estimate you receive before you agree to the repair or replacement. If your roof was leaking and even though it was only 6 years old, it maybe time to replace it anyway. Ask about the warranties available and the routine maintenance that’s required to keep the warranties in effect.

If your builder installed a six-year roof in 1999, and you have seven years left on your warranty, ask how many more years that roof will last. You should also ask about roof inspection programs that let you know when things are beginning to go wrong with your roof so that you can catch problems early and save money on repair in the future.

If this is not explained to you at the original estimate, you’ll want to ask a new contractor if you will need a ridge vent. Ridge vents are essential in keeping water from getting onto the ridge of your roof and dripping inside where it’s dangerous for your framing and insulation.

This ridge vent is usually made of aluminum and should be included in the original estimate so that everything matches up for your project.

6. What does my final price include?

Finally, you’ll want to know what kind of things are included with your final price (the one after discount). Be sure to ask about all their financing options.

When speaking with prospective roofing contractors and getting price quotes, it’s important to note that some companies are way too expensive for the amount of work they’re doing. There may be a company that looks like it’s too cheap for the amount of work they’re doing, but unfortunately there’s no way to tell until you ask them, look at customer reviews, or their references call you.

If your roof needs replacement, avoid companies that give an estimate without the price of materials included because they don’t know how long it’ll take them to perform the job. If the roof is in bad shape, they’ll have to spend time removing the old product and that could make your final price go higher.

The amount of time it takes to remove the old roof should be given as part of you estimate so that you know what your final price will be. This can be a tough decision when you’re working with so much money. If a company doesn’t include any materials or anything else then it’ll probably take them less time and they can give you a lower price, but they won’t have taken into consideration all the problems that can come up with removing old products.

Be Confident

It can be difficult to navigate the construction industry, but you’ve done your due diligence. Now you can be confident that your next roof replacement in Knoxville TN will result in a remarkable roofing experience.

ACC is Knoxville’s Best Roofing Company for Over 15 Years

ACC Construction is a locally owned one stop shop and excels in all things construction. 

We excel at getting Knoxvillians the right amount of money from their insurance companies to properly replace their roofs.

ACC’s consistently receives praise for its outstanding roofing work in Knoxville and throughout East Tennessee. 

You can reach us by calling (865) 566-3131 or visit us on the web at www.everythingacc.com.

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